The Alexander Motte Motte

August 31, 2016
Alexander Motte’s entrepreneurial career started when he decided to leave a short-but-successful financial services stint to launch his first e-commerce business, which was called TripUnion, a hotel website that was very successful. Alexander feels very strongly that the knowledge he picked up during his short stint as a trader with Natixis and HSBC is the key to what has made him such a skilled businessman. He continued his journey with a series of additional entrepreneurial endeavors, before co-founding IronWeb. These days, IronWe is the largest European e-commerce group, based on recurring business models.

As a co-founder of and later an executive with IronWeb, Alexander Motte has been able to translate his many skills into a very successful e-commerce business model. The IronWeb model helps ideas become businesses by using recurring models. That approach has allowed IronWeb to create a lot of business and turned them into a true e-commerce success story. And despite nearly a decade in business, Alexander is sure that his entrepreneurial career is only just getting started.
Alexander Motte graduated in 2009 from Paris Dauphine University in Paris, France with a Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance. He felt that this degree would give him the skills needed to work successfully in finance.